Business accounts

We are experts in B2B taxi services and have been serving local businesses efficiently and cost-effectively for many years. We have notable businesses as regular customers. We offer a specialist account for our business clients which allows you to manage your travel requirements and pay monthly.

Our business clients appreciate the consistency and reliability of our service. If you have a business which uses taxis on a regular basis and you want a service that you can trust, then we are the best local firm for your requirements.

Our business services are ideal for regular business meetings, traveling to the airport, meetings, and conferences, as well as urgent document delivery.

We greatly value our business clients and because we get to know you well – we can manage your service to be fully responsive to your needs.

Why choose Walton & Frinton Taxis?

  • We provide levels of customer service that are second to none. 
  • We are punctual, and reliable – we never let our customers down.
  • Our drivers are friendly, trained and fully licensed.
  • Our fleet of taxis is well maintained and safe.
  • Our prices are cost-effective and competitive.
  • Whether you are going 10 minutes down the road or 100 miles away – our service is the same.

If you need a local taxi service in the Walton, Frinton, Kirby and surrounding area for business or for pleasure, we are the ideal choice.